Are You A Drama Queen? 5 Signs That You Are!

September 4, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Gilmore Girls season finale started smoothly with Rory and Lorelai planning to go on a vacation. Their plans changed soon as Rory’s life was set in rapid motion. She was introduced to a writing contact that could help her with a career in journalism. Rory met with the contact t schmooze and get information, causing her to be late for the usual Friday night dinner at the grand mansion. To her grandparents delight, Rory arrived for dinner as fast as she could. The talented Yale graduate then announced that she just accepted an immediate job offer as a reporter working with a website company for Barak Obama’s presidential campaign.

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She awoke later to a loud banging sound coming from her front door. “Phillipa are you in there? Open this door or I’ll knock it down! Do you hear me?” She couldn’t believe her ears. It was Demetri.