Determining The Value Of A Diamond

June 9, 2020 Off By Crystal Watkins

If you wish to impress any woman then all you need to do is to buy her diamond jewelry. It is said that diamonds are closest to their heart. But they are just not affordable for everyone. Also you need to know that which one is a real diamond and which is not as they all look alike.

Today, mines are located in several areas of the world. The largest mining company is BHP Billiton, followed by the Rio Tinto Group and Petra Diamonds. The Argyle Mine in Australia mines over 90% of the world’s pink 結婚對戒 as well as other colors. This mine is due to close in 2018. This will no doubt contribute to higher prices for the Argyle diamonds.

Don’t buy so-called ‘blood diamonds’. These have been mined in Sierra Leone by workers kept in unimaginably bad conditions and then smuggled out of the country. Not only is it unethical to buy such a diamond but in the long term it will be worth less. Ask for something called a Kimberley Process Certificate – a sort of diamond passport that proves it has been mined ethically and legally.

Auctions are also being considered by some sellers to be another outlet for diamond selling. Though it doesn’t involve fast cash, there is a possibility that you can get twice the value if the diamond is in a rare color or has some historical background.

The prices are highly competitive online because the operational costs are lower for online stores. Many online dealers sell their diamonds for less than they would in an actual store. You can also save on taxes if you get your purchase shipped to you from another state. Buying diamonds online is also very flexible. You can view a number of different diamonds, compare prices, and do research on the diamonds all within a few minutes. Even if you do not know much about diamonds, it is easy to learn with the internet at your fingertips.

4) All diamonds have inclusions; the key is what you can see with your eye. Once a diamond is clean to the eye (VS2 or good SI1 for brilliant cut shapes), higher clarity grades have no impact on the beauty or appearance of a diamond, they only add to the expense. Get the lowest clarity grade you are comfortable with and save a lot of money will no sacrifice in beauty.

Make sure when you do purchase a diamond or diamonds, that you receive a certificate of authenticity from the seller. Use a reputable seller as well. You can also choose different sized diamonds (carats). The smaller the carat, the smaller the diamond and the smaller the price you’ll end up paying. If a diamond is not going to make that special person in your life weep, maybe you can consider a diamond look-alike stone. It is the cheapest option.