Fantasy Art And Fiction – How To Get Inspiration Whilst Living In A Young Country

March 20, 2020 Off By Crystal Watkins

Did you ever wonder why you went into business, moved somewhere or took a job in the first place? Have you lost track of your mission and felt like you just couldn’t get back on your path? Success hasn’t been lost, failure isn’t anywhere close, but something is missing.

Now you’re all fired up with enough motivation to conquer the world – and your energy levels are through the roof! You leap out of bed in the morning and head to the gym. Workout finished you shower and head to the office, spending your day making every big deal your competitors can’t. You’re moving and grooving, rocking down the house and demolishing the obstacles that stray into your path. You head home and leave your spouse tired, sore and sporting a silly grin that just won’t go away. Life is FANTASTIC and can only get better…

2) Hang Around Inspirational People. – When you hang around people who aren’t encouraging, you will find that you loose motivation. However, if you position yourself around people who are positive and inspiring, then you become inspired also. Inspiration is enough to help us break out of our rut and progress in life.

Create for yourself an environment in which your heart and mind will be opened so that read my articles will flourish into your life. When your heart and mind are not open, you only tend to think negatively; you oppose optimism. Inspiration is like seeds planted inside your heart and mind; and by opening these facilities, you allow water to pour into the seeds so they can grow.

Along with some really good motivational videos, many people find quotes about success that are inspiring. Write down the inspiring quotes and post them in a variety of places. You could write them on post-its and stick them on the bathroom mirror for the morning or inside of your refrigerator for lunchtime, and even in your car for your ride home. These positive thinking quotes will help to keep your mind focused on your final goal.

For musicians, a good way of doing this, is slightly limiting yourself on purpose, for example, removing a couple of strings on the guitar, and trying to write a solo with the remaining strings. This will make you think about new ways of playing as you have strings missing that you normally would have used, so that when you put the strings back on, you have a fresh mind and new ideas.

Once you get to that point you’ll be able to hold onto so much motivation that it’ll be sloshing over the top as you race forward – and you’ll have become a motivational resource for those around you as well. Just think of all you’ll accomplish when you no longer run out of motivation!