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March 30, 2020 Off By Crystal Watkins

I received an MBA from Babson College world renown for its entrepreneurship program. The program is always ranked #1 in US News for its excellence in entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurship isn’t a science or an art for that matter. So, can it be taught? I just stumbled upon an interesting CNN Money article that tackles this very subject. At first glance, it doesn’t look very promising. Here are a few quotes from the article.

And therein lies the grayscale of Entrepreneurship. The area where people may not have been born natural leaders; they may have been shy, not sociable, “nerdy,” reclusive, etc… but have the potential to become great entrepreneurs once they allow themselves to. Once they believe that they can and will.

Go online or to your library and search for wonderful places around the globe that you would love to visit sometime in your life. Have the kids look through books or at websites. Take notice as to what types of places intrigue them the most and talk about those places. Ask them what they would have to do in order to get to visit these wonderful places. Have them search how much it would cost to fly there if you were to leave today. What could they do to raise enough money for a trip like that? What other expenses may they encounter planning for a trip to that location? If its something they really want to do have them list it in their journal as one of their goals and then start to list all the things they need to do in order to reach that goal.

First and foremost, many people assume that working from home will mean fewer distractions. After all, people who’ve worked in offices know that when you’re in a rush, the last thing you need is co-workers coming to ask for something form you, or just to chat. Or how about those difficult coworkers that you just wish you could avoid contact with? If you Make money online passive income, you’ll be free from those distractions and difficulties, right? Well, you can be if you take appropriate steps to deal with other potential issues.

You have a creative mind – use it! You can’t read about creativity; you have to begin doing what every creative action requires – taking the first step into the unknown.

IPoor: Remember, Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, returned empty coke bottles his friends had for extra change to fund himself through college. He also walked miles to reach the Hare Krishna temple for a single Sunday meal.

Be clear and concise, i.e. maintain blog, update website, making cold calls, general respond to inquires, send out thank you note, give away promo items, ordering office supplies, find best deals on materials, keep an eye on competitors, etc.

To conclude, a home-based business enables people do what they enjoy as they get paid in a tight job market. Having read this article, you hopefully feel more optimistic, yet knowledgeable about the challenge ahead. This advice should help you prosper by building the confidence you need to succeed. Regardless of your reasons for wanting home business, you’ll need to apply the proven techniques and knowledge above to be successful. What you’ve read in this post should help get you what you need for success in your work from home business.