How Difficult Is Nursing School?

May 2, 2020 Off By Crystal Watkins

Today, people looking to get trained and become certified nursing assistants need not worry unnecessarily. This is because this career choice is normally great due to the fact that it is marketable, and has many job opportunities. However, before one can begin this journey they will need to locate suitable CNA training programs. This is so that they can acquire their license to practice as well as sit for the certificate exams.

Because of the shortages in the healthcare industry, it’s also very possible that you may be able to find a free online course or a scholarship that would pay for them. Check with local nursing homes since some offer free classes in exchange for your work afterward. Government adult educational or re-training offices are worth a look too, they may offer scholarships.

What is the student to teacher ratio? Do not go by the numbers of last year as many nursing homes have increased the number of students without any change to infrastructure. Ask some smart questions and you shall be able to get cna program the answer from them only.

The CNA route is the fastest way into the health care field and can be a good way to get your feet wet and help you decide if a nursing career is right for you. Schooling only takes a couple weeks, and after you’re done, you’ll need to pass your licensure. From there, you can dive right in and earn around $15 an hour. This is a great choice for those needing immediate income, but if you want to earn greater pay down the road, you’ll need to have a plan to go to LPN school in your spare time.

Most people wanting to get into nursing end up in an LPN program. The main reason is that it offers almost the best of both worlds; relatively short length of schooling and good pay/benefits after completion. LPN training runs 1-2 years, depending on the school and whether you choose a part-time or full-time option. That’s not bad compared to a 4 year liberal arts degree. And once you start working, you can expect pay of around the mid-five figures annually.

There are several high schools that offer a CNA class. You will take your CNA training at the school and then your teacher will help all students get registered for the CNA exam. They also help you prepare for the state exam and ensure you know everything. You will earn your CNA license and that way once you graduate school you can begin working right away. You should get in touch with someone from your high school and see if this is something that is offered. If it is, see about getting enrolled in the classes.

In most states you have to take an exam in order to be a licensed CNA. This test consists of an written portion and a clinical portion. You will have to demonstrate your skills on people. The skills that are tested are things like taking vitals and weighing patients. You will need to demonstrate the basics of care.

A professional certified nursing assistant can get a suitable job in any of the nursing care facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, home health care, mental care facilities and much more.