Brainstorm Your Way To A New Career

October 9, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Do you talk on the phone and check your emails at the same time? Do you make two presentations at one go? Are you completing more than one file? Are you on your Blackberry even while driving?

At lunch, the teacher’s lounge was full of chatter. But for Talia, a nasty, blinding headache had taken over the right hemisphere of her brain. Barb, the school telehealth psychology leaned over toward Talia.

One last note, avoid overeating at all cost. I know some people recommend comfort food for getting over a break-up, but it always results in someone gaining an extra 10 pounds or more. Don’t add to your issues. If you really are a stress eater, eat granola bars, low calorie ice cream, low calorie chips, and fruit salads. Stress eaters should bump up their cardio an extra 10 minutes until the days of munches pass.

A good friend of my instructor Walt Bone was Mike Anderson, an eccentric genius. Mike used to tell me all the time, “John, you’re a great teacher. You should open a school and make a lot of money.” As flattered as I was, I knew nothing about making money. I was sure I would embarrass myself trying to operate a business.

All that being said, I strongly believe that we need some more restrictions on who we hand guns to. I believe we should have the right to bear arms — but not to hand them out like candy at a parade. That’s basically what we’re doing right now, and it’s harmful.

The other day I was in the kitchen after the girls got home from school, and had 30 minutes to stuff something healthy into their bodies, and then we had to fly out the door to soccer. I couldn’t help but think, for the umpteenth time, why again, are we doing this?

So, that’s what I feel needs to change about our system and our approach to firearms. But again, I am definitely pro gun-rights. I welcome comments, disputes, or similar — from my liberal and conservative followers alike.