Credit Card Debt Settlement – How To Save Time, Money And Your Credit Rating!

June 11, 2020 Off By Crystal Watkins

Applying for government loans can be can be a bit more complicated than a few pages of fill in the blanks, but free help is available to help you with this process, especially if it is for business or real estate. Contact one of the 1,000 Small Business Development Centers around the country that will help you fill out applications for free or next to nothing.

Some reputable local charities, like the Salvation Army, will accept clothing, household furniture, books – anything that you might find in a yardsale. But needless to say, you can always donate money. This eliminates all the charities’ complications associated with trying to transform old yard sale junk into money.

Since there seems to be so much “advice” out there that really isn’t much more than an old gimmick in a new dress, I want to offer you potential entrepreneurs a few quick tips on starting your own business without a lot of money. Here they are.

Credit Counseling is a debt management program where you make a single monthly payment to an agency. In turn, that agency distributes the money to your creditors on your behalf, ideally at lower interest rates so you can pay off the debt faster. Credit Counseling should not be confused with Debt Consolidation, Debt Settlement, or Debt Termination. Each of these debt programs takes a very different approach from Credit Counseling.

Donor Thoughts/Suggestions: This is cool. My name (or company name) will be on a walkway at your non-profit forever. I am in! This is a cool idea! Just make sure I can fit all the information I want on the brick.

Watch sales: Once your gift list is written, keep an eye on the sale ads. Believe it or Charitable Non Profit Organizations not awesome sales happen all year-round. If you don’t catch any sales before Thanksgiving, do your best to wake up early and beat the crowds on Black Friday. Also, don’t forget to check for online sales. Websites can prove to be one-stop shopping places where you can save money and time.

In order to truly cut your payments in half, down to $250 in this example, the agency would need to completely eliminate all interest! And even then, it would still take more than 9 years to pay off the balance! So the ads claiming you can cut your payments in half are simply false.

Unless you’re running an art or design site, relatively few people visit your site to ogle over the lovely design, beautiful graphics, or elegant coding. They came to fulfill a need. Your site can succeed by identifying your visitors’ needs and fulfilling them. In return, people will gladly hand over their money to you or your organization, promote you, list you in their blogrolls, talk you up on Facebook, and all the other benefits so many Web site owners desire but so few actually achieve. If you decide the purpose of your site, and figure out how to achieve that purpose in the context of serving the needs of your visitors, then your site will be successful. It really is that simple.