Custom Printed Ribbons Make Special Occasions Special

September 9, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Summer always brings with it images of fun at the beach, lifeguards with custom printed t-shirts, and girls in skimpy clothing. The anticipation of taking a dip in the cool waters of a river, a lake or a beach is the same for everyone who loves a good swim.

A light bulb went off over Elsie’s head. She thanked the woman. Change the gift wrapping! That was a change she could make. And it wasn’t a very difficult change to make either. She’d seen Cahina Stationery Compnay ribbons online, they were so pretty. That was an ideal addition to her gift wrapping. Elsie ordered calendards printing ribbon with “Just For You” printed on the ribbon. She thought it was a pretty ribbon to choose.

There are printed hoodies that are appropriate for all occasions. If you wear a printed hoodie that displays your family from a reunion, or even a sports related hoodie, you will be perceived as loyal. If you wear a hoodie that says something rude or not politically correct, you will be perceived as a rebel. Whether you notice or not, people are always watching others and checking out what they are wearing. Don’t get caught making a poor impression of your self in others opinions.

Secondly, you can work in your branding or advertising message onto the shirts. You can design shirts in any possible configuration: printing on the front, back, sleeves and/or hemlines.

Consider screen printing for band t-shirts, team t-shirts, Christian t-shirts, casual wear, team spirit wear, club t-shirts or personal wardrobe. Custom shirts, when you buy name brand, can last through years of wear and washing. Screen printing companies can even hold your designs on file for contract screen printing jobs. This is useful for bands, corporate apparel and branding a logo.

Most people go to the beach for the summer for some sun and surf. Others who are far from the seashore would go to the nearest lake. However, there are people who have no choice, but to find the nearest swimming pool for a swim.

The t-shirt transfer paper you would buy would be for white or light color tee shirt printing. If you want to print on black or any dark t-shirt you would want to have t-shirt transfer paper that is specifically for printing on dark colors.

There you have it. If you are stumped for invitation ideas, perhaps try a few listed above. Tweak them to fit your occasion or situation as necessary. The more effort you put into your invitations, the better they will be. All it takes is a little brainstorming to get the people coming to your event!