Do The Risks Outweigh The Benefits Of Internet Banking

September 29, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

It’s late in midnight and you want to get your cell recharge immediately. We have nothing to do else rather to wait for morning. But what if someone gets you recharge at late midnight or anytime you want from anywhere. It seems like magic. But, yes in this new scenario this can be possible. World has changed so fast and so do your mobile services. All you need is internet connection in your hand.

Then your one account became two as the building societies introduced ATM machines, then your savings account at the post office and then to beat it all klikbca came on the scene. Passwords are now required for Banking, shopping on the web, switch cards, visa cards, store cards, petrol cards and any other card that you may have.

B. Always scan a downloaded file by a trusted anti-virus and do keep the antivirus and some internet security software running while accessing the internet.

He gave me tons of reasons why is that so, but none of them caught my attention except one, and that is Online Money Making. Online money making ??? Wow!… what is that? how can we make money through internet? I knew people can make money through selling goods and services. He said he sell nothing and yet can do it from the comfort of his house or work desk.

On internet banking service paper it sounds like easy money. You set up a website, become an “affiliate” for a product that seems like it has a good market, then run ads for the product on your website. Whenever someone clicks on one of the ads and buys the product, you earn a commission. Simplicity itself.

Keep a zealous watch on your credit cards. Thousands of people have had their cards skimmed. It is remarkably simple and extremely common. You may be in a restaurant, bar or petrol station, you need to pay the bill. You hand your card to the person serving you, without you knowing they quickly swipe it in a machine that copies the magnetic strip, then hand the card back to you. They then have all the information they need to make a coy of your bank card. Even without the pin number a clone of the card could still be used.

So there you go. You don’t really have to spend a lot as a computer owner because the technology keeps changing and you have to pay for each new version being released or when the license expires.