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Centre based prospects

Prospects going to an educational institution that tape-records their attendance and makes the needed examination arrangements on the prospect’s behalf, are centre based prospects.

Centre based prospects are permanent, i.e attends timetables lessons for a minimum of fifteen hours weekly, or part-time, in the last situation pupils participate in timetabled lessons for less than fifteen hrs weekly.

Exclusive Prospects

Prospects researching separately, with a range learning organisation or with a tutor, without officially going to an university that tapes their presence and makes the necessary evaluation plans on the prospect’s part, are exclusive candidates. Independent candidates make their own assessment plans and discover at a rate that suits them. Prospects who select this setting of research are not limited to one exam board as well as might, therefore, take any kind of examination with any board in any type of collection used by the board, as long as the topic they desire to take is offered, to exclusive prospects.


Because of the nature of some topics, private prospects that wish to take subjects with a regulated analysis, coursework or sensible must inquire from the evaluation centre. Exam centres manage and also assess the candidates work, where a private candidate enters for a subject that is centre analyzed and eternally moderated, by the assessment board. Subject elements that are externally analyzed as well as moderated, by the examination board, require supervision, by the assessment centre.

All subjects with composed modules only are offered, from all assessment boards, to personal prospects.


When a candidate has signed up with an exam centre they will certainly obtain their exam schedule listing the dates and session of each composed assessment.

Exams scheduled in the early morning start at 9.00 am and examinations set up in the mid-day beginning at 1.30 pm.

Examination clashes, on the same day at the same time, are rested consecutively.

The examination centre will certainly set up the regulated assessment day and also time, coursework submission date and functional examination date for all assessment boards other than in cases where the examination board routines the sensible.

Gain access to plans

Candidates with special academic requirements repoted in a official declaration of demand acquired within no greater than 2 years prior to taking the examination can make a ask for an gain access to plan based upon the recommendation in their declaration of requirement. The gain access to setup request need to be made when the application for exam entrance is submitted to the centre.

In unexpected scenarios, such as disease or injury, approving accessibility plans for; a scribe, extra writing time, is feasible once clinical or psychological proof has actually been received by the exam centre.


When published, candidates will obtain a declaration of outcomes.

Prospects have several post result service alternatives offered; clerical check, Accessibility to scripts, remark of script, re-moderation of coursework (to consist of regulated evaluations as well as functional examinations). Message result services need to be submitted, by the centre, to the board, by the 20th day in the month adhering to magazine of the outcomes.

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