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Some of my favorite travel experiences have been road trips. There is no feeling like getting into a car, rolling down the windows, putting your shades on followed by The Eagles, and hitting the open road. While some of the best road trips can be done without any plan, I would suggest having a few things covered before you simply start driving.

This may seem obvious, but actually it is sometimes missing in love relationships. You may love someone in many different ways, and while it is important to love the one you have committed your heart to, being IN love is necessary for keeping love alive.

Or, what about try Bandung’s special delicacy during your trip vietnam to Bandung? There are so many delicacies which are famous throughout the nation, such as the famous sticky rice cake or the fermented cassava. Tempting, huh?

Take time to tee off at the Montgomerie links located in the Dien Ban District, Da Nang. This 18-hole luxury course in the best in the country and the only company branded golf course of its kind in Asia.

Terry Hershey Park has a trail known as The Anthills. It’s one of the best trails in town. It isn’t the hardest trail to make your way through, but the course has several fun little dips and curves. The views are a big draw as well. Memorial Park has two trails to choose from. The best choice is the Little Cambodia trail. (The other trail, dubbed tour vietnam, is usually frequented by the area’s runners/walkers.) First timers heed warning: Little Cambodia trail has some big drops, big turns, and can be a bit of a challenge.

Once in my lab, I discovered the last thing that had happened on his computer. About one minute after my phone call for permission to go over, GBB had sent himself an email and then immediately deleted it. The subject, all in caps, was “COFFEE!” No “C-Word” fooling around for him. The message in the body was simple and succinct: “If you find this email, F*** YOU!!!!!” It’s nice when a person knows how he feels and is able to express it freely. There was also a deleted photograph attached to the deleted email. Upon recovering same, it turned out to be a very recent photo of an extended middle finger – presumably GBB’s finger. Visual aids are always helpful in understanding the subject matter, don’t you think?

A Hue City Centre hotel needs to be booked in advance, as tourists are starting to flock to the city more than ever. The secret of Hue is out, and the tourism sector is flourishing. However, it isn’t just the attractions around the town that make this city a wonderful place to explore. There are also plenty of activities for tourists to complete also. For more information about these, peruse the frequently asked questions highlighted below!

Ben Thanh Market: This bustling market is very popular with tourists, primarily due to its central location. It has a wide selection of goods ranging from fake Nike shoes to beautiful silk Ao Dais.Transfer to Airport in late evening.