First Call Resolution: Customer Service

September 7, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Recently I met with an internet marketer 25 minutes from where I live. I’m not going to mention his name because he might not like that, but he’s at the top of our industry, easily making over $10,000 for every e-mail he sends to his list.

We need to constantly ensure that our people know everything they need to know, and do everything they need to do in order to improve the first call resolution, quality and AHT. But the “KNOWING” must come first.

Agents are not being scrutinized because they need to improve their performance. There is no ulterior motive and if there is some feedback that needs to be given, it should be done in the right spirit. When telemarketing agents are censured on half-baked data, it hits the motivation down to an abysmal low. Team leaders and managers have to be careful about how they analyze and follow-up on reports.

I brought up the fact that all my transactions were done with my debit card, and I had been told the funds would be put on hold. She said no, it’s not up to the bank. It’s up to the merchant to place a hold. Really? I don’t think that’s 100% true, but not the point at the moment. Finally I ask her what she can do since this is partially the bank’s fault. After more tug-of-war, she ultimately says “nothing.” I can’t waive fees on new accounts. Really? You don’t say!

Finally, the Holiday season is the time that call center tijuana s must use in careful planning and strategizing. The New Year, 2011, will see some sweeping changes in call center services, coupled with some changes in the business model of BPO companies. More use of technology, more focus on quality and more dependence on non-voice means of communication: these will be the focal points for call center units. You can make use of this lull to revamp your business structure, see if you can do anything about your prices or redesign your website, etc. Utilize this time fruitfully!

They’re easy to use. Most people think that they have to remember complex pass codes to use them but all they really have to remember is how to push the button on their key chain remote. Alarm companies know that you have enough to remember with email and online banking passwords, so they provide you with handy key chain remote to make things a whole lot easier.

U-Haul, Offers low-paying ($7 an hour) e-hotline positions to help motorists. Hours are extremely flexible, so might be good as a second job to help in an emergency situation. Type the word “e-hotline” in their job search box to apply.