Fix Skin Color In A Picture – A Photoshop Tutorial

April 30, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Hi. This tutorial is based on using a layer mask to merge two images. Today, I will make this dinosaur appear on this beach, just into the water. Layer masks are very simple to use, and also very useful! They work on a black – white – gray system. This tutorial will explain further.

I photographed the money, a $100.00 bill, with a 4×5 Sinar camera using Ektachrome 4×5 transparency film. The wings came from a 35mm slide of an Egret in flight that I had photographed for part of a housing project brochure. I photographed the Egret using either Ektachrome or Kodachrome slide film, I don’t remember which.

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You can still create Datat Masking Software in the old fashioned way but this new panel is much more powerful and will make learning masking easier for new users of Photoshop. I give this new feature 8 out of 10.

Step 6) Again, copy the background layer and desaturate it by going to Image>Adjustments>Desaturate. Place this on top of all the layers and add noise to the image by going to Filter>Noise>Add Noise>Monochromatic/Gaussian. Once you have selected the amount, set the opacity to about 80%. This will show the right amount, but not be overpowering.

Next, select the brush tool. Use the drop-down menu to select the round brush with the feathered edge. Also, select a brush size with a diameter that is slightly longer than the height of the background image. Click here to learn more about the brush tool.

Now, using black, brush in the parts of the photo that you want to restore back to normal. I usually brush in the whole picture except the skin areas that I wanted to fix. This gives me the most realistic look. You are now done with the Photoshop tutorial on how to fix skin color in a picture.