Horsing Around (Literally) At The Disney World American Idol Event

July 14, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

I saw Michael Jackson’s “This is It” tonight. I first want to state I am a fan of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s music has been around my entire life. I was born in the late 60s, by 1970 The Jackson Five had their first number one hit with “I Want You Back”. In the 80s with the release of “Thriller” I like millions of girls all over the world fell in love with Michael Jackson. No matter what controversy surrounded Michael over the years, I remained a fan of the music, the talent and the great humanitarian that is Michael Jackson. So yes this review is from a fan, not a fanatic but a fan nevertheless. But really who else would want to watch a film about a musician other than someone who enjoys seeing and hearing that person and then review it?

Lady GaGa could not be at the award show last night because she is on http://montrealcanadiens.info/ with her Monster Ball. She did however accept the awards via satellite, and she even broke out in song and dance. The performer is constantly updating her Twitter page, making sure that she keeps her fans aware of everything going on. She is constantly showing her appreciation of all her fans. The singer just recently achieved yet another milestone — she now has over 7 million followers on the popular social networking site.

Apparently, there is no lack of interest in the Big Apple. “So far, tourism is already on the rise, says George Fertitta, chief executive officer of NYC & Company. This is just to keep ’em coming.” I guess tourism is up but Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth can only share the stage for so long and the Mets can only keep winning until September.

The most awaited site to see in the Orchna is the Jehangir Mahal. This is a rectangular palace with eight minarets. The palace is a masterpiece of Bundela Raja and Bir Singh Ju Deo. It was built to commemorate the visit of Emperor Jehangir on the 17th century. The town of Orchha has four important temples namely, the Janki, Chaturbhuj Mandir, Laxmi and Raja Ram.

Let me give you a bit of a background on Pattaya if you haven’t been or is considering retiring there. Pattaya is a seaside resort about 2 hours from Bangkok. It’s a modern town with all the amenities anyone could ever want. The beach is decent as well, but the real draw for most Western men are the Pattaya girls. Once setting foot in Pattaya for the first time, it’s easy to think someone suddenly transported you into another dimension. Pattaya has to be, and I’m not kidding, the one place in the world with the most attractive women per square feet. It’s simply astounding. You can’t walk ten feet without turning your head after a young beautiful girl. She’s also likely to send you a shy, but friendly smile.

Tim: We first met him through one of our friends who ran a management company out of California. We flew up for NAAM in Anaheim, met him for dinner, as we were shopping around for producers at the time. He felt like the right fit. He had the right sound with the right recordings, and he turned out to be the guy. We really dug the fact that he worked on The Used record, which is one of my favorites. There’s a lot of production stuff, and he used a lot of same production effects on our album, giving it more of a digital sound, an atmosphere outside of a rock band. The biggest thing was structure and adding the right production; that’s hard to find in producers out there.

Barry is a charming little town with a most wonderful beach. There are other things to go see all within a few miles drive too. The beach is great and it should provide you with a wonderful vacation.