How To Increase The Right Kind Of Website Traffic

May 2, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

With the advent of the Internet and Social Media, the rules of job search have changed dramatically. They make it so much easier for the job seekers to present their skills, knowledge and accomplishments – by allowing anybody to publish their content; as well as to locate and network with people who have the power to hire them or recommend them to their prospective employers.

All you need to do is create 4 simple websites that you are either going to sell for $1250, or that you are going to build in a back end suite of services that will give you a net profit of $1250 per site you sell.

Connect all of these sites with links or icons to your blog and interconnect them all. Basically you are creating a link wheel that all points to one real person-you.

Now that your content is properly prepped with keywords, concentrate on increasing your external links. Search engines love external linking (called backlinking in the industry); they weigh them positively when they are considering your website’s search ranking position. Find every opportunity you can to increase the amount of locations that link back to your content. A great place to begin is through social media. You can announce your new content immediately on your this blog profile. If it helps with a solution to someone’s problem, offer them advice and pass on the link. The goal is to soon have others passing the link on as well so that more and more people have quality link backs to your site.

2) Then use good ole Google or the search engine of your choice and search for blogs of people in your niche. You are looking for people with complementary products or services to yours. Those who are also active on social media will have links on their blogs to their social media profiles. So what you should do is to follow them. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Subscribe to their RSS feed as well and their newsletter if they have one.

A few weeks ago, I was faced with several challenges and had no idea how to overcome them. My mind was trying to come up with so many different solutions and possible success scenarios but my heart kept saying the social media profiles same thing raise your vibration to the state of joy passion and excitement and you’ll just know what to do.

Password. Monitor his email yourself. Encourage your kid to make up an address book of his trusted friends and relatives. Then set up his email so that anything coming from other addresses is sent to the junk folder AND immediately deleted. Your son or daughter should never has to see any junk email.

Hootsuite is another great way to be able to view and track the updates of the users in your list in a central location. This free application allows you to monitor multiple lists at one time and you can add up to 5 social profiles.