Increase Blog Ranking

December 16, 2020 Off By Crystal Watkins

What should I blog about is a very common question when people first begin blogging or when writers block sets in. And to be honest there is not any single answer here as every blog is different.

Having a blog establishes you as an authority in your industry because you have a blog while others don’t. Because you are pushing out amazing contents and terrific ideas, it makes it simple for a client to buy.

Among the best places I have found to share my blog and articles on is Facebook and their blog roll called Networked Car. Many of my followers are from Facebook and when I post my reviews and giveaways they’re prompted to visit my blog and enter giveaway. This all ties in to adding visitors to my site and the aforementioned Google ranking. I also have a special area in my blog for followers to follow my website via Networked blog to make it easier for them. The easier you make it, the happier your visitors are and more likely to follow you eternally.

Determine Your Budget – Take into consideration other possible expenses you may have such as: a piano or keyboard, books, piano light, etc.. Assuming that the method you select has a reasonable price, you should base your decision more on what you’ll have the ability online blogs to get out of it than on the purchase price.

Pick a topic for your site. You have to be specific in your WAHM blog. You must pick a topic that you’re really interested in and this is quite important if you really enjoy your site to keep going. If you opt for a topic that is not of your interest, you’ll find yourself later on not posting any blogs any longer. Needless to say, you have to select a topic that you are comfortable with as you’ll be updating your blog daily.

Web 2.0 sites are also toting a new awareness of web design style! Those hues of blues and oranges, shiny reflective, yet simple buttons, and CSS driven templates, give the web standards that are new. Your website should definitely implement these new tendencies, and if they don’t OUTSOURCE a project to a developer. Ask him to style your site with CSS 2.0! It should not be very expensive in any respect.

After you’ve learned the methods (basic and advanced) in starting your own site you don’t have to”exploit” free services – again. So remember saving tips for your blog expenses my buddy.