Interesting Facts About India

July 21, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Delhi is the capital of India. It is an important place for politics, diverse culture and a vital place of business and trade. It is the heart of India. Delhi is situated at the bank of Yamuna. It is a city of Mughal art and architecture. The summers are very hot and winter is too cold with heavy showers in monsoon.

The Second World War followed and again the Sikh regiments fought for the empire with great loyalty and bravery. A few Sikh soldiers who were taken POW did join The Indian National Army led by Netaji Subhas Bose but they were a minuscule minority and the majority of Sikh soldiery remained loyal to the Raj. It is worth noting that over 83000 Sikh wearing the turban died during the two world wars fighting for the British.

Milkha now burst on the International stage when at the 1958 Asian games he won the gold medal in both the 200m and 400m events. Have we ever heard of any Indian athlete winning 2 gold medals in a track event after him? Milkha clocked a time of 21.6 and 47 seconds respectively. This was the time the world took notice of a bearded Sikh with long hair on the international stage and nicknamed him as the ‘Flying Sikh’. He followed up by winning the 400 m event at the Cardiff Commonwealth games with a timing of 46.16 seconds. He was the first Indian to win a gold medal at the commonwealth games after independence. Milkha again won a gold medal in 400m at the 1962 Asian games.

A very big Gorilla war is planned against Pakistan. Gorilla war is that war in which enemy targeted his goals silently. Israel, Russia and America are the indirect partners of India in this war against Pakistan. And they are trying to control over the atomic power system of Pakistan. Because Pakistan is the first Islamic country that have the Atomic Power system and other European countries are afeard that Pakistan would give this system to other Islamic countries. Then Islamic countries would become strong and powerful. Pakistan should think about this issue seriously and should give positive response to these countries.

Dilli Haat (Shopping) Dilli Haat, which literally means “Delhi shop”, is a great place for shopping the traditional garments, accessories, and other souvenirs. While shopping, you can pause and savor exotic traditional snacks and fast foods too.

Even during the tenure of Rajiv Gandhi most Sikhs were seconded to command Southern Command. Perhaps this had something to do with ‘operation’ blue star where the Join Indian Army result assaulted the Golden temple in complete disregard of all canons of civilized behaviour. It was a sad occasion and disturbed all right thinking people..

Lotus Temple is another notable place in Delhi and you can choose evening to visit there. The tourists from all over the world come here, as it is open for the people of different community. However, they have to maintain silence and peace inside the temple. Mughal Garden is a combination of Mughal and British style. It was built for Lady Harding. The tourists can visit this place in late evening and the garden is beautifully decorated.

Despite the 50 trade pacts signed on the first day worth $ 16 billion, the border issue remains and China has not budged. The McMahan line is not recognized and the occupation of Ladakh is not negotiable. Twang and the entire eastern area of Arunachal Pradesh is still claimed by China as at some point of time Twang paid tribute to the ruler at Lasha.