Introducing A New Cat To Your Dog

September 5, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Babies come with lots of accessories. Even before you bring your new little bundle of joy home, you’ll have many different decisions to make: cloth diapers or disposable? What type of bottle? Pacifier or no pacifier?

I remember times, as a child, when I wanted to play with someone but no one was available. My friends and family were doing chores, playing sport, visiting friends, on holidays etc. My easy reader Will You Play? was inspired by this memory. The farm hunder are too busy to play with the dog. Will he find someone to play with?

Truck Expenses – This is one of the most powerful tax deductions that you can use as a truck driver. For example, did you know that you can get a tax deduction for every time that you have to get engine work done on your truck. You can even get tax breaks for things like new antennas, new lights, CB’s and CB repairs, scanners, tires, or even repairs on your AC or heater.

My neighbor Sheila, single in late 30’s, was promoted to an executive position in a national corporation. Now she is travel ing between N.Y. and LA. She is spending two weeks in each location and she loves it. After every trip she gets ‘a travel day’, that is a day off from work to rejuvenate before resuming her job at the next location respectively.

Tina and Josh were gracious enough to give me some inside look into their ‘double life’: Tina is a writer: I can work from everywhere, providing I have my lap-top and electricity…why would I stay in the heat of Arizona during the summer?

To make sure that the chores are done on a daily basis, rewards are put into place. My children know that they cannot go to a friend’s house, the movies, or even the mall unless their chores are complete. My older children, who have cell phones, lose their privileges if the chores are not maintained on a daily basis for at least two weeks. Cell phones and extracurricular activities with friends are privileges and my children understand that taking care of the house comes first. Just as a job pays monetary compensation, helping out the household also pays. My children do not get a set allowance, but each week they earn rewards such as a snack from the store, a magazine, or a lunch at their favorite fast food restaurant.

Okay, there are the 10 tips. I sincerely hope that one or more of these tips prove useful to you. Please understand that all of your limitations are imaginary. You do not need a college degree to create the lifestyle of your dreams, just determination, the willingness to learn, and some hard work.