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February 3, 2020 Off By Crystal Watkins

Have you been thinking about purchasing a kitten or a cat for a pet? There are a few things to consider before you commit to the great responsibility of raising a cat. This will be a brand new addition to your family. It is like planning for a new child. I would like to offer a bit of advice as to what you should be thinking about before you make your final decision.

Your veterinarian may also recommend particular fabrics. Since some cat s chew and swallow wool, don’t use wool. Some fabrics come with ancient Egyptian designs printed on them which makes a wonderful pet bed print for your little doggie or kitten, but make sure the dyes can’t be ingested or licked off or would harm the dog or cat. Also purchase the same amount of white cotton lining fabric for lining the inside of pillows. Your yardage store will show you several linings. Choose the soft, white cotton, polyester, rayon, or linen linings that dry quickly.

You may want to stop feeding him for 12 hours, but give plenty of water to drink to avoid dehydration. Then give him only bland foods available from your veterinarian, for the nest 24 hours. If everything seems fine, slowly reintroduce variety into his diet.

This experience has made me wonder: What is it that makes a cat person? Someone somewhere has surely created psychological profiles of cat people vs. dog people, but I haven’t been able to find them. That’s why I’ve made my own cat-person profile.

If you think that beds are for dogs only, you are completely wrong. Beds are perfect for cats too! Buying your pet cat a bed is one way of protecting them from harm. In putting Kattehule netto in your house, you need to consider first your family members or other house pets like dogs, who really like to play and harm them. If this is the case, you might want to elevate the bed so that your cat would surely be safe from harm.

If you choose to work with rugs not likely to unravel with chewing or scratching, as an alternative to fabrics, you might like to use two throw rugs, about 24 inches square sewed together and stuffed with pillow batting. Sew all around except for one side and put Velcro around the one side you want to remain open to replace the batting.

Since when do we give more power to so called animal rescues over our lives than we give the government? I do believe it is time for governments, either federal or local to step in and say to the “pet police” knock it off. Once an animal has changed custody through an exchange of money, that animal now belongs to it’s new owner. When you adopt an animal you are NOT leasing it – you own it. The only way a rescue can retain rights on that animal is to foster it out. NO MONEY OR FEES are to be paid to the rescue. In fact the rescue should be paying the foster family, the same way that human foster families are paid.

Use these 5 tips to help yourself when choosing an orthopedic pet bed. Price is also a consideration as well. Some expensive dog beds can run several hundreds of dollars or more. Take your time when choosing and find a place that has a large and varied selection.