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May 8, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

The fact the Super Bowl is still two weeks off means we are nowhere near summer, the prime season for jazz festivals, both in Northern California and around the world. Personally, I find myself these days in the same position I always occupy in late January – decidedly over the whole winter thing and pining for any sign of approaching spring.

Raised by a single mother Najee and his brother Fareed were well versed in music via the record player as children. Najee began his musical journey on a clarinet in grammar school but he soon changed to the flute and saxophone. He began playing gigs professionally at age 15. Much of his career Najee and his brother Fareed have shared the stage together.

Wine and Song: Dozens of Northern California’s finest jazz and blues talents will perform at this vino and music blowout presented in conjunction with the Sonoma Jazz + (or minus) festival. 1:30-5 p.m.; also 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday, Sonoma Plaza, downtown Sonoma.

Classic music: this type of music includes chamber, choral pieces as well as music requires a full orchestra. Classical music may also refer to the native and folk music of any country. The styles vary greatly depending upon available instruments.

May 1-7 is National Family Week. Plan a family potluck with friends or a family scavenger hunt. Set aside a day to play tourist in your own town. Go to a few stores or museums you normally wouldn’t visit. Have a Sparks party. Simply buy a pack of Wintergreen Lifesavers. Take your children into dark closet or bathroom and put the Lifesaver between your two front teeth. Bit down and watch the “Sparks” fly!

Morton found himself hit by the Great Depression as much as anyone else at the time. He was still trying to create hits and still having trouble. As such, he began having to play more and more live shows and at less and less respectable places. He managed to get a radio show on the air for a time in 1934, but he was still struggling.

Newport Beach Party: February 17-20, Newport Beach. Let’s throw in one to the south. Bearing the title “From Ellington to Sinatra,” this President’s Day weekend bash showcases John Pizzarelli’s tribute to the former and Frank Sinatra Jr.’s homage to the latter. The festival gets under way with an all-star set lead by trombonist Dan Barrett and featuring Claudio Roditi (trumpet), Houston Person (saxophone), Anat Cohen (clarinet), Eric Reed (piano), Christoph Luty (bass) and Paul Kreibich (drums). That’s worth the drive right there.