Massively Increase Your Facebook Fans

May 2, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Social networking has really changed our lives over the years of it’s existence. Different types of so-called social media keep on popping out everywhere on the internet. A lot of these sites cater to young audience. Then facebook bursts into the scene capturing a larger margin of users from all demographics, but still keep the idea of connecting to relatives, friends, old friends and internet acquaintances.

The next thing we need to do is to pick an avatar or picture for our profile. Never leave your setting profile or avatar blank or in the default mode. I repeat – never leave your blog blank. Why? Because this is a sign of someone who has joined the social site for other reasons than for what it was intended. If someone can’t even bother to submit a photo, then why should anyone bother with interacting with them? The best photo is to use a real photo of you. Some people will get their picture done as a cartoon or a caricature as use that as their avatar. Either of these will work, but the real photo works best. You just need to make sure that the photo is in the jpeg format and that the file is less than 300 or 400 KB as this is what most social sites will accept.

Everybody is still learning, and will continue to learn, as our society and the social platforms change and morph daily. I don’t believe there are social media experts, because nobody knows it all. Who could keep up? There are lots of social media gurus, specialists, advisors, consultants, geeks, and people like you and me that find our own niche to connect with people.

Update your operating system. No matter what brand of computer you are on you have to update the critical security patches for your Windows operating system. Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP after 2014, so start thinking about upgrading to Windows 7 (which is pretty sweet). Go to Windows Update. Why anyone would keep XP running unless they had to is a mystery to me. It’s a dog who has been kicked too many times.

Creating a number of different email signature files is an easy way to promote your latest service offering, a product, your setting up social profile, or anything else you choose.

Since people are being flooded with business opportunities all over the Internet today, people need to know who they are getting involved with before they join any business opportunity. With the Internet being so impersonal and automated, people are very skeptical about who they do business with. Remember, there are millions of people promoting businesses online today.

Don’t put it off any more. Take your dream off the shelf. If you wait, you can be this time next year without making your dream of writing a successful book come true. You have the plan, the knowledge and the solution. Now write it all down. Your audience is waiting. Plan, correct the mistakes above and write a book that sells well. Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.