Noticing Car Exhaust Issues And Installing A New Exhaust

February 16, 2020 Off By Crystal Watkins

One of the keys to more power out of your car is getting air into and out of the engine in the most efficient manner. You will want the maximum amount of air coming into the engine, because the more air in the combustion chambers mixed with the correct amount of fuel will result in the maximum power being developed. In the same fashion once the combustion has taken place you want the maximum amount of residual air/fuel gases out of the combustion chambers so that new air/fuel can come in.

Now there is a whole lotta things going on here…far too much to write about in this short piece. But, now they (gasoline and auto makers) can reap the rewards of higher prices at the pump in the meantime, and then cash in big time on the guilt laden masses as the changeover (to hydrogen) occurs. Hopefully, somewhere in between, one of these “boys” will explore the “synthetic fuel” subject again (more than ethanol…or just adding ethanol) and come up with an answer for fuel possibilities while the “rest of us” save up for the hydrogen future (past).

When a car burns fuel gases are produced. They must be removed so that new fuel can be burned. The pistons in the engine’s cylinders force gas out of the engine. It passes through a muffler into tail pipes. The muffler also keeps the car running quietly. For about thirty years cars have been equipped with a scrap catalytic converter price guide. It reduces pollution by converting harmful gases into carbon dioxide and water.

I looked around for Hydrogen Cat kits which help your car run on water but don’t assert to pull it off of gas permanently. This is a more acceptable option. I am quite aware how cars work and what are the emissions. Most people may know about recycle catalytic converters, a little device in the car. It is fitted in the exhaust pipe of the car and gets really hot soon only because the car engine doesn’t really burn all the gas. Most part of the gas discharge toxic and half burnt stew.

My local utility, PG&E, is offering a special Plug-in-Vehicle rate of only 3 cent per kilowatt hour rate from 12:00 am to 7:00 am, compared to the standard top tier rate of 40 cents per hour, a 92% discount. That means the catalytic converter recycler Leaf’s mile drive will cost me cents. This is the same as buying all the gasoline I want at 15 cents per gallon! In other words, the fuel is basically free. Not bad when compared to the $4.29/gallon demanded by my local gas station.

Don’t buy a car from a friend! That’s always a bad deal! The only “help” happening in this kind of deal is that your friend is getting rid of a problem and now you’re stuck with it! Don’t buy from a friend!

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