Obama ‘Change’ Likely To Include Funding Abortion Abroad

September 29, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

This is a difficult subject with emotions running very deep on both sides of the issue. Many fear to approach this subject with good reason, few want to take the stand that I will and do because of my own deep convictions about this topic. In preparation for this article, several sad truths came to light. First, there is a deadly contradiction at work in American society. Second, there is an underlying value being ignored in American society. And third, there is a terrible apathy about this subject in American society. You will not agree with everything I write, and that’s okay, I would simply ask that you listen and open your mind and your heart to the message.

Science and religion; how could they not be in conflict? Tolerance seems possible, maybe, but this might be wishful thinking. A religion-dominated culture would have to accept the existence of a science-dominated culture. Women’s rights, homosexuality, klinik raden saleh, evolution, and all that stuff. This is pretty tough for a fundamentalist to swallow. Even more difficult is accepting a large group of people who don’t believe in the True Religion. Kill the infidels – it’s God’s command. A prime example of this is Al-Qaeda.

When the Abortion clinic emotions started overwhelming me at work a friend took notice. Her son was a diagnosed Bipolar or manic depressive. She escorted me from work to the Dr.’s office. I was diagnosed in minutes and started what would turn out to be a battle for my life.

Romney also won the middle class and upper income voters handily. Romney won the middle class by a margin of 52-46 percent. Voters who earn more than $100,000 voted for Romney by 54-44 percent. In 2008, John McCain tied Barack Obama in these two groups at 49 percent each. In both years, Obama won lower income voters (less than $50,000) by 60 percent.

We’ve mapped out the many reasons women seek out late term abortions – they don’t need to be explained or defended. This procedure is legal under certain circumstances, and yet doctors are forced to live under armed guard, defend their clinics as if they were fortresses, and worry about their family 24/7 because someone has put the pictures of them, their spouses and their children on some sort of sick and twisted hit list.

Jeanette didn’t have a problem when her son and his girlfriend were having sex (shacking up in Jeanette’s house). When the girlfriend, Cathy, got pregnant, Jeanette was horrified and demanded that they kill the baby because she didn’t want to be embarrassed by a bastard. Cathy’s boyfriend (Mike) brought her a bouquet on Mother’s Day and accompanied her to the “clinic” the following morning. They continued to shack up and a couple of years later got pregnant again. The second time, they tried the novel approach of getting married instead of murdering their child.

So, these are some of the most important points that you should remember in regard to finding an abortion clinic which is apt for you. You must go through this article at least once. Keep calm while looking out for a suitable clinic.