Real Life Speaking Lessons: Learning From A Keynote

March 1, 2020 Off By Crystal Watkins

Perhaps, we begin writing our autobiography. We get the table of contents and the introduction written, then we let it sit because we don’t think anyone will care.

Included during his speech was a live demo of WordPress 2.7. Version 2.7 is expected to be released sometime during November of 2008 and currently has 13,000 blogs testing it.

“Where” refers to your physical environment, from macro to micro. Perhaps you are speaking outside the United States. It pays to know something about the culture as actor Richard Gere discovered when he kissed a female actress during an event in India. Will you be inside or outside, in a cavernous space or an intimate setting? Are you able to control the lights, the temperature, the technology? A dress rehearsal on site is often a good idea to make sure that you have command of the space.

The host of this little endeavor was Portsmouth’s own H.E.R. Shelter – a domestic violence shelter. The goal of the day was to unveil a tremendously needed men’s mentoring program, where men would be challenged to invest in the lives of young boys and teach them how to grow up to be “real men”, learning to treat women with respect. The sales speakers was ODU’s own Head Football Coach, Mr. Bobby Wilder.

When you interview a corporate keynote speaker event planner, pay as much attention to the questions that they ask as to the answers that they give. A professional will ask questions designed to gauge exactly what YOU want to accomplish with your event so that they can translate your vision into the spectacular event that you have in mind.

Putting forth the assertion of your authority is the first step that you will need to take. While you can still get along with people, they need to be aware of your leadership and respect that level. If there are rules that need to be set forth, then make those rules known to everyone, not just a few. Showing authority will hold your group together, instead of causing chaos.

Be patient with the process. You may have to approach several Celebrities to find someone available, and someone who is in your budget. One last word of caution, often the “gate keeper” will let you know, the Celebrity will only commit to the event as long as they do not get booked for an industry job between now and your event. So it does happen that a booked Celebrity has to cancel after agreeing to appear at an event. Again, think long and hard about the pro’s and con’s before deciding to persue the Celebrity plan. With or without a known name, remember, your event can still be “star-studded,” and leave a lasting impression on your guests.