Residential Cleaning Services That Make Life Easier

August 8, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Are you looking for the best professional cleaning services in Houston? It is indeed a very difficult task to find out a company providing reliable and satisfactory cleaning services. But, there is nothing to worry about. Now get ready to see your house and office being cleaned up and getting a new look. Read the article below to know more.

2) Flyers and brochures- these will work anywhere. Go around the neighborhood; give some flyers to restaurants, schools, offices, as well as to individuals. If you hope to specialize, target that specific crowd. People won’t need to be persuaded to enlist the help of experts when it comes to cleaning, so by covering a wide radius with your information, you’ll get a good many calls.

Offer discounts of up to twenty percent for a 1-year contract, or a free cleaning service twice a year to entice them. Mail discount coupons to all the businesses in your area. Get to know the office managers and be friendly with business owners. It will be easier to find clients for your office cleaning company if you become friends with them. Once you do get them to be your regular customer, be sure to take care of them well to avoid losing them to your competition.

Cleaning companies notoriously come and go. They often change their name to reset their reputation, but the company is run by same people. Be sure the cleaning company you choose has established a reputation for quality service in the community.

Step Two: Do some research. Of course you’ll be looking to hire a reputable firm, so you want to make sure the firm is fully insured, has a good track record and provides a full-range of services. Much of this information can be gleaned from the company’s website. If not, ring them up and start asking questions. Don’t feel pressured to agree to an estimate if you don’t get the answers you’re looking for.

The fifth factor you want to see what types of janitorial services are offered. For example, there is carpet cleaning, floor washing, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, floor buffing, vacuuming, and more. Think about what kind of cleaning you need for your office and double check to see if the company has experience. Every business is different and calls for different needs.

Janitorial Services: this is basically for the commercial buildings where, window, restroom, kitchen, toilets are cleaned on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The carpet, floor and lobbies are a cleaned in this Janitorial service.

In conclusion, starting your own cleaning business right now in this time of economic crisis is a great way to earn a solid income. It’s not anything I ever thought I would be doing, but it really is a great money making business. Your repeat customers will pay you continuously on a regular basis. You can’t beat that!