Sell Your Home At Top Dollar With An Inexpensive Face Lift

September 19, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Have you ever why some homes sell faster than others? It could be the very same model in the same neighborhood, and one home moves quickly whereas some just remain on the market with disinterested buyers. Here are some tips to stage your home to not only sell it, but to get top dollar.

Be sure to replace or trim trees and plants and try livening up your garden with some colorful, fragrant flowers near the entrance. In some cases, you can even use beautiful silk floral pieces in large pots as long as they look real!

You shouldn’t think of patio doors as just access points. They don’t just connect two places from the same house. Below you will get a few tips on how to pick patio doors, from the materials used to their type and style.

You should also need to have the right size of blinds that you want to set up. With this, you may need to measure the area where you want the blinds to be installed at. Choosing an incorrect size of blinds will ruin your dreams of having a perfect outdoor area in your home.

So when you are ready to shop for pool shade sails you may want to know a little more about them. They are not a permanent fixture but something you can adjust as you see fit.

Glow sticks are nothing new, so you won’t really woo people just because you have them, but you can woo them with creative ideas for using them. Make your party stand out from all the others with a classy theme that incorporates glow sticks to make a colorful, eye appealing vision that won’t soon be forgot.

Glow sticks under a clear plastic dish or bowl that you keep plastic knives, forks and spoons in can really make a unique statement. Use clear utensils and the glow will be transmitted throughout the entire container. You can do the same with glassware if you are using real glass (or even with clear plastic cups) by putting glow sticks under a pane of glass, or Plexiglas, and setting the glasses and cups on top of that. The glow will show through the glassware.

Insulating your home against outdoor elements is important in order to save on your energy bill. Short of replacing doors, draft stoppers are an example of one inexpensive solution. They are easy to install and maintain, and they have been proven to provide a tight seal to ward off drafts.