Several Ways For Writing

January 19, 2020 Off By Crystal Watkins

Writing an article can be frustrating for some, but it is an essential part of marketing your product, blog or spreading news. Follow these five steps and even the worst writers will see improvement on the amount of time it takes to write a solid article.

Think of something to write about. How about teaching others what you already know. Most people don’t know what you know about your business or the myths about your business. Take what you know and don’t take it for granted; you can easily come up with 10 articles.

When submitting your articles to public online directories you allow other webmasters to copy your text and put it on other websites and blogs. Only one rule they must obey. They have to include your links as they are in your content. It means that if you write helpful and useful text others will be more willing to distribute it in the Internet, together with your links. It will drive more traffic to your websites from places, which you probably even don’t know they exists.

Step #3… Write and submit a press release by either re-purposing one of your articles into a news worthy angle or writing one from scratch, and yes, don’t forget the anchor text backlink.

Sure, the phony ‘gurus’ out there selling spinning software will tell you otherwise, but spun articles do not count as unique or quality content. Remember, article rewriter tool s just move words around; they do not add new information. In essence, when you use an article rewriter tool review, you’re just publishing recycled content. In fact, if you spin enough articles, the search engines may classify you as a spammer.

As long as you are writing 10 or more articles per day that are informative and Evergreen, you should start seeing these figures fast. Make sure you pick a really trusted revenue sharing site that has a large writing community.

In conclusion you will not succeed until you get the traffic to your site and yes, you could buy traffic from Google. But buying traffic is a short term solution it will not bring about sustained traffic and buying traffic can get quite expensive very quickly. You are much better off writing the articles getting them posted and they will generate traffic to your website for a long time to come for free which is key.