Sit N Go Poker – What’s A Tell?

October 1, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Ever since the beginning of time man has relished in the thrill of “hitting the jackpot.” Really…it’s not that hard to imagine how happy the caveman was when he came walking around the mountain only to find a massive beast laying in his path, dead because it was struck by a falling boulder. He didn’t know the word, but I’m pretty sure he did the “jackpot” dance.

No, what I’m going to reveal are some of the little nuances and subliminal hurdles that are strategically set in your path to jackpot-ville. First let me say that even knowing these tips of the gambling trade, it’s a safe bet ( no pun intended – well maybe a little ) that as soon as you head out your front door on your quest for fame and fortune at your designated destination, your going to completely forget them.

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Texas Hold’em is a very easy game to play and after you have learned the few basics you should be able to jump into a game with ease but that don’t mean you will win. It’s notoriously known as easy to learn but hard to master, just learning the rules will not make you a pokerqq master but that is why you are here.

You need to get ahead of the game ASAP. Most players are scared of losing all their chips and being out of the tournament so this is why they play tight. The problem is tight players don’t win tournaments. Their fear keeps them stuck and they don’t increase their stack fast enough to keep up with blind increases. Later in the game they starve to death.

Its important to maintain robustness so you can never be put on hand. Good tournament players will be scanning, critiquing, putting you on a style and trying to figure out what you have. The more randomness, the more obscurity you can maintain, the better. Once a player has figured you out they will be able to easily beat you. Everyone has their own method and tricks to do this.

I spent a good part of my life studying the phenomenon of emotion. When I entered college, I was introduced to a system of mental health designed not to make people happy but, instead, to increase emotional intelligence, all achieved through better thinking. At the time, I didn’t even know that emotion was a product of thinking. I thought my emotions were natural, like my eye color. Thinking implied that I had some measure of control over that aspect of myself. Something I had always thought I didn’t control at all.

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