Swimming Pool Pump Basics

July 11, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Most of us are completely oblivious to the hard working swimming pool pump as we are splashing around and enjoying ourselves on holiday or down at the local leisure centre but it is good to be aware of how important a factor the pump is in the maintaining of a healthy, hygienic pool.

Install the stationary part (ceramic portion with the black rubber cup) of the seal into the volute cover plate. Remember it has to installed in exact manner as the old one. Also check and make sure that this part of the seal is inserted all the way into the seal recess on the cover plate.

When we think of pool covers, most people assume that their main function is to prevent fallen leaves and debris from getting into the pool. Covers do that, of course. But what is more important, they prevent your pool from losing its temperature.

Following the above two steps, remove debris from the Sarasota Pool Pump Repairs basket. Turn the pump off before you open the basket, remove it and then empty the gathered debris. Your filtration system will run more smoothly if the basket is clean so the water can flow freely through. When you have the basket out, check the oil rings for cracks and replace it if necessary.

What I like about this kind of pump is that it has low maintenance requirements. A large filter basket serves as a repository of dust and debris. The pump motor has an internal protection device that prevents overloading. This overload protection feature helps control energy consumption.

With the old mechanical seal completely removed, inspect the pump shaft and sleeve along with the seal recess for damage. There are times when you may have to replace the pump shaft but that is another repair within itself.

Prime the Pool Pump – any time the pump lid is removed and reinstalled during cleaning, be sure the pump is filled with water up to the top of the inlet before restarting the pump. Simply use the hose or a small bucket with water from the pool to add water to the pump. This will assist the pump upon starting and avoid running the pump dry for any length of time.

You can save at least half the price of neglect the in the new equipment using an economical variable speed or two-speed pool pump. In a short time, an energy saving pool pump covers itself by reducing your electric bill. You’ll be able to unwind in your pool come july 1st understanding that you have made a great investment, you’re saving cash, and you’re simply doing something good for our environment.