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July 20, 2020 Off By Crystal Watkins

Another trendy swimming pool accessory is a skimmer to collect dead leaves, branches, insects and other trash from the water surface. A skimmer looks like a huge badminton racket that collects the floating objects. A sturdy solid skimmer will save you money on the pool maintenance. Ideally you should clean dead leaves daily, because too many leaves in the pool can damage your water filters and make you use more harmful chlorine to keep water clean.

A good badminton set would usually include a number of other accessories, especially a carrying bag which comes in very handy. It helps to safe keep the badminton equipments when not in use as well as for transporting them around and prevents any item loss. You may also find a regulation set which include a string to mark the boundary of the court. A case for keeping the net would be good as well as a container to store and protect the shuttles when not in use.

This isn’t really an internet myth. It’s more a long standing business myth. The idea is that if your product is great enough it will sell itself. Think of it as the reverse of the product creation is easy myth. Same problems too.

You need to test whether you are moving fast enough to get behind the shuttle. Stand on the front service line and ask your feeder to lift the shuttle towards the back line. Now, with your racket in your hand, try to beat the shuttle. But, you mustn’t hit the shuttle! Instead, allow it to hit the floor and note the position it lands in relation to your body.

The badminton clear is the most common stroke, and it can be played from either forehand or backhand, as well as overhead or underarm. Regardless of exactly how you use the clear, the objective is to send the shuttle to the back of the court, forcing your opponent back away from the net to open up the forecourt.

Even moderate exertion for a body part over time can greatly increase its size and strength. Although I have lifted for decades (both sides of my body equally), my right shoulder and arm are dramatically larger than the left from tens of thousands of overhand swings of a badminton racket weighing only a few ounces. Many athletes develop significant musculature in the legs without ever lifting heavy weights. Softball pitchers can develop strength and size in the pitching arm almost double that of the other. Assuming you are reasonably lean, your weight reflects the capacity of your frame. A 150-pound person lifting 250 pounds is asking for trouble because 150 pounds is designed to hold 150 pounds.

1) These are the “kill” shots that shouldn’t be missed. But, in top class doubles, the shuttle keeps coming back. So let’s start with the “old classic” where your opponent is expecting the kill, a hard shot, and at the last second, you stop your racket and touch the shuttle over the net. Taking the pace off the shuttle is unexpected and usually catches your opponent flat footed.

Knowing these ten rules of the game is vital before you start playing badminton. Other than these, it is good to know more about the laws governing the equipment that is to be used, for instance, the design or shape of the racket and shape and weight of the shuttlecock (that affects its speed). It’s amazing to learn that there is no rule specifying the height of the ceiling, but, common sense will tell you that a ceiling at low height would cause problems during high rallies.