The Basics Of Using Torque Wrenches For Beginners

June 25, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

No matter how good your tires are, there’s going to be time when you get one that goes flat. It can happen for any number of reasons and at any time, so it’s always wise to be prepared and ensure you car’s trunk has a spare tire, and importantly, the correct tools to change over the tires.

17. Paint a room: When I was in high school, I helped paint a rival school’s rock (it was some kind of big deal to them, don’t ask) the color of our school. It was by far the best painting experience of my life.

Also, make friends with your computer. The Internet is an invaluable resource for information about fixing cars. You can find detailed instructions, with videos or step-by-step images, to help you with your engine repair. Often, seeing how it is done is the first step in doing it yourself. These guides will also help you decide if this is truly something you can do on your own, or if you need professional help.

When checking the coolant level make sure the engine is cooled down to prevent yourself from being burned. Use caution when removing the radiator pressure cap (if it is warm use a towel to open the cap to prevent burns). The fluid of the radiator should be full, if not top it off with a 50/50 mix of coolant and water. Some vehicles have gone to not having radiator caps and are just using a pressurized overflow bottle, if you have one of these you do not even need to take off the cap you can see the level through the bottle. Make sure you use the correct type of coolant.

Most manufacturers recommend using a Torque Wrench when tightening lug nuts. They will specify a certain ft/lb to dial in on the Best Torque Wrench Under 100. This insures the nuts are tightened properly. Over tightening can damage the studs and possibly lead to a failure in the future. Here is what happens. When the nuts are tightened, the studs will stretch. This tension holds the wheels on to the rim. If you over tighten the studs you can damage them and they could fail.

Observe where the timing mark on the pulley appears compared to the degree tab on the front of the engine to see what the current ignition timing is. You can remove the timing light components, wheel chocks and bring your car back to its normal state if you are satisfied with the current ignition timing.

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