The Oldest Part Of Europe Is Seen In Madeira

November 8, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Author’s program note. Our first travelers to Massachusetts arrived at Plymouth just in time for Winter, too late for Autumn, specifically trodding on terra firma, December 26, 1620… and were they ever irritated, taking the opportunity to lambast the luckless captain who delivered them so late after a most disagreeable voyage, my dear, anxious for something new and exciting, but not (so they all later agreed) so new and exciting as the standard walloping, punishing New England Winter they came to know so well.

They fought to keep the Stalin’s yellow hordes of Asia from over running and destroying Europe. Someday the truth about the causes for WWII will come out.

Later, in recent years, Rhode Islanders still had no time for Autumn. Gambling, lurid sex, and corrupt politics held sway… and to those who indulged the only season that mattered was the season in which their nocturnal activities waxed.

And so the mystique of Autumn, as something worth having and decidedly superior to what follows, was planted at once… and has never waned. And for good reason.

This Odin and Wolves Orgone Ond Generator provides you with all three. The orgone ond generator is the power source itself. The picture of Odin and his Wolves on the bottom is the symbol (you want to attract Odin). It is your intention to invite Odin’s energies and presence into your blot.

I use the term “unaware of” for these beliefs because most of us are not even aware of these limiting beliefs. Beliefs of this type are simply taken for granted as if they cannot be changed. They are created by what our parents told us, what culture tells us, what science tells us etc. Here’s a cultural example. In 1491 the entire strange cultural events believed that the world was flat. No one questioned it. It was simply an accepted fact. Along comes Christopher Columbus and he challenges that belief. Look what happened, a new world was opened up.

And as for Connecticut, the less said the better. Connecticut looks today as it has looked for eons south to New York and Pennsylvania. The folks in Hartford and environs condescend to the rest of New England. We hate them cordially and have made sure to sell them everything we can at inflated prices. You see, they have the money.

Oh, and by the way, should you like a little light music to accompany this article, I recommend Edith Piaf singing “Autumn Leaves”, in both Johnny Mercer’s English and Jacquec Prevert’s French. It is superbe. You’ll find it in any search engine. Do it now before the falling leaves have all drifted past your window…