The Single Mother’s Guide To Home Maintenance

November 7, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

If you have access to local statistics, use them to create interesting posts about how the market is doing from month to month, or how this year compares to other years. If you can get the figures, show your readers the ratios of “normal” sales to foreclosures and short sales.

Unemployment is high and will grow for years to come. In addition, many people have already lost their jobs and are in a panic about money. The obvious place to generate more income is with a home business. Income-producing opportunities are selling strongly and business is booming for home business plans.

We drop off our children at daycare centers while we go to work. From the time they maternity leave stops until the child is of school age, the cost of that care can add up. How can we save money and still get the best care? Pick the brains of those friends again. Maybe they can recommend someone to you. Enlist the aid of a nearby retired relative that wants to make a bit of money and spend time with kids.

When a company offers at least 50% off on a product or service people often buy and that’s just why these two companies have seen tremendous success. Now enter The Customer Advantage!

When you buy your own home you build equity. You have a solid investment. Having the freedom, stability and security of owning your own home qualifies you for benefits. Also opens the doors for financial assistance. Covering costs like Handyman. Taxes and insurance add up. You own your home now so take advantage of what’s out there to help you. Do the research. Home improvements make your home worth more money. Make sure you find out what kind of improvements change the market rate of your home. A face lift to the property doesn’t necessary mean the value of your home goes up.You can always ask what type of improvements you can make to insure the highest market rate possible.

#2. Complete all the prerequisite subjects needed to get into nursing school, or at the very least, you should be completing them by the time you hand in your application. And make sure that your grades are good, because competition to get into nursing school is fierce these days. You will most likely need college level algebra, English, nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology I and II, microbiology, psychology, and some version of human growth and development to get into an Associate’s Degree nursing program. If you already have a nursing school in mind, it’s best to check out which of these subjects are required, and then take them at your local college.

Having a fully funded emergency fund in place helps you deal with the emergencies in life calmly and without fear. It allows you to avoid the credit cards and keeps you from going further into debt. And it provides you the peace of mind to know that you will be okay if a disaster occurs and that you have money to keep you going though the rough spots. So start funding your emergency fund right away so that you can erase debt and and stay out of it forever.