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South Florida residents face a plethora of pests because of the warm humid climate, so it was very unfortunate to hear about the arrival of bed bugs in West Palm Beach. Florida tourists and travelers have brought extra passengers with them and area hotels are now battling the problem on a daily basis. But for those that understand the threat, how to avoid it and how to deal with it once it has broken through your defenses are the ones that come out on top. If you’re new to bed bug control, this article is for you.

The city of Tucson actively promotes recycling throughout the area and wants its residents to use containers provided by them to get rid of papers and plastics. While most homes and duplexes have two separate containers for trash and recyclable materials, many apartment buildings do not have both types of trash receptacles for residence. This makes it hard for people who want to recycle to get rid of their approved paper and plastic items at home. I’ve lived in both apartments and homes in this city, and from personal experience, it is easier to recycle when containers are either in front of your home or at a nearby location.

People who don’t realize they have a bedbug infestation may attribute the itching and welts to mosquitoes. The only way to confirm bedbug bites is to find and identify the bugs themselves.

Celestial Seasonings, the largest specialty tea company in America, offers free tours seven days a week, showing the fascinating process of assembling tea. The tour begins with a short film shown in an Art Gallery featuring the original paintings that were used as illustrations for Celestial Seasonings’ colorful and whimsical boxes. Along the way, visitors can see, taste and smell the many flavors and spices that make Celestial Seasonings so special. Near the end of the tour, visitors can enter The Peppermint Room, where the powerful aroma of peppermint and spearmint can clear your sinuses and breathe more clearly for days.

Long Walks with No ‘Footprints’ in Aspen. Visitors can commune with nature on free guided nature walks led by naturalists from the Aspen Center for Radon Silent Killer (ACES). The free 45-minute walks meander along Richmond Ridge atop Aspen Mountain, where participants can learn about the native trees, birds and animals that thrive in the high-alpine environment. Tours meet at the top of the gondola on the hour from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

We can go one step further by keeping chemical use down to a bare minimum. Most foods and cooking equipment today are overloaded with chemicals. Our nation is so overrun with fast food, that we don’t even try to cut back on McDonald’s or Burger King. Sadly, we have gotten very spoiled with fast food. All we need is a little more information on the danger we are facing, and if we just read up on this danger at green environment online go, it could make a world of difference.

But the main drawback to this system is that it took up to 24 hours to kill bedbugs, and up to 36 hours to kill their eggs. They say they are now working to adapt the system to kill bed bugs even faster and more effectively.

Proper bed bug control also includes knowing what to look for in your own home. You’ll want to search your home just like you searched your last hotel room. Start by checking the mattress, especially under the ribbon-like edge. Check your box spring and don’t be afraid to cut a small hole in the gauze-like cover to see what’s going on underneath. Small bed bugs can appear like tiny black dots. Their waste will also appear like a black dot. You may also see small blood stains on your clothes, especially your undergarments, and on the sheets. Many people write this off as simply cuts from shaving or irritation from our clothes rubbing against our bodies, but the real cause is likely bed bugs.