To The Layman: Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

July 8, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

When scheduling a photographer, try to keep in mind what makes you happiest. When we take our own personal pictures, we usually stick to holidays, parties, birthdays and family gatherings. This is a nice theme to carry through into your studio session. Doing this also gives you loads of room to determine what you want everyone to wear.

Make sure your photographer has access to all areas. It is especially important that your photographer can access a place to take all ceremonial events such as the bouquet toss, first dance, etc. Your photographer will mostly do behind the scenes work for most of the wedding, but it is difficult to take the most important shots when they are in a non accessible location such as a corner of the reception hall. This limits the availability of a clear shot for the photographer.

Emphasize one feature at a time. Just because you’re wearing more makeup than usual on your wedding day doesn’t mean we want you to look overdone. Any good makeup artist knows that, just like in real life, you only want to play up one feature at a time. If you’re going to do bold, red lips, do a neutral eye. If you’re going to do smoky eyes, go for a more natural lip. You don’t want to not look like you in your photos. Just because it’s your wedding, don’t think you need to pile it all on!

There is some skepticism about photographers who charge too much for wedding photography services singapore. How can one justify $4000 for days work? In reality, a photographer’s fee covers more than just the hours spent at a wedding. First the photographer has a cost of sales for the end products they are delivering to the client. Add to that insurance, marketing fees, consultation time prior to and after the wedding, computer time retouching images, assistant fees, photographer salary. And when all that is paid out, there should be enough left for entrepreneurial profit.

At these meetings, you will discuss price, payment schedule and possible deposits. Next you will discuss the plan for taking the photos. Many people also get video and digital photographs now. Do you want these? Will your photographer be able to provide these? Will there be extra fees?

There are many advantages to a photo shoot after a wedding because the dress will not ever be worn again. The bride will not be as uptight and she will not care if the gown gets a little dirty or even completely ruined. Many of the photo shoots take place in nature such as a barn or a beach. A bride can mount her horse without worrying about getting dirty or a couple can plunge into an isolated ocean. These photos will capture a breathless moment and prove to be ideal for the adventurous couple and bride.

The same philosophies can be carried into wedding photography. By no means are we telling you to go with the plain wedding dress, it’s your fairy tale, not ours. However, for your engagement or wedding photographs you will want a softer, less dramatic make-up, and a quieter background. You are the star, not Revlon, and not trees in the background! We don’t want anything to detract from the beauty that is you.