What To Include On Your Music Promotion Website

July 25, 2019 Off By Crystal Watkins

Online music promotion is an important part of music distribution.To have an online presence on the Internet is a direct result of effective music distribution.Online music promotion spells the difference between being an unknown music artist and a popular artist that sells music online.To achieve this,there’s a task so simple even a child can do it-Blogging.

Apart from this method of online music promotion, there are other ways also. But, those ways are not as easy and effective as this one. Some of the other ways are uploading songs or riffs in you personal website or in your account in any social networking website, but there is no surety whether others will visit your website or not. You can also distribute your music CDs to others, but that would cost a lot. The use of Riff Raters has outraced all the other ways of promotion of music or a band. This music app is the most popular nowadays; anyone can record their songs or music riffs and spread it.

This all works great to bring in new fans to your gang, because there is so much to talk about in your music scene, and you can easily jump into the conversation.

YouTube isn’t the only platform for promoting music for free. By utilizing YouTube in congruence with sites like WordPress and Blogger, bands can feed their videos through to a worldwide audience in as little as one hour! I know, because I’ve done it. Only, I don’t use my own videos. Every week, I comb through YouTube scouting for all the new indie artist songs this Internet monster has to offer. Sometimes the pickin’s are slim, but every once in a while, I’ll type in just the right search words, and PRESTO! I’ve found one week’s worth of blog video content. Wonderful. But how in the world does this market the music?

NY Rock Music Examiner: Your appearance at Ridgefield Playhouse and BB Kings are your only NY-CT dates. Is this tour only of the Northeast or were there other shows before that?

Mistake #3 – Not enough cash flow to support your music career. Like it or not, it takes money to build a music career. Even if other people/companies are paying for your record, tour support, merchandise, etc. you still need to have the freedom to pursue opportunities as they come. Sadly, many musicians miss opportunities because they can’t afford to take advantage of them.In addition to a decent income, you also need the flexibility of being able to take time away from that income source to go into the studio, go on tour, etc. That is why learning how to teach guitar is such a great way to achieve both if you learn how to become a highly successful guitar teacher.

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