Why Is The Dead Sea Called The Dead Sea?

February 7, 2020 Off By Crystal Watkins

The mission of the Jerusalem Prayer Team is to help guard, defend and protect the Jewish People and the Eretz Yisrael until the state of Israel is secure and the redeemer comes to Zion. The Jerusalem Prayer Team is a non-denominational organization. Anyone can sign up and learn more about the Jerusalem Prayer Team. This organization accepts members from all around the world and does not receive any money or support from the Nation of Israel. This prayer group has a wonderful website where you can read some of the Jerusalem Prayers that adorn the About Us page.

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NARRATOR YESHUA looked at this man — his skin and garments were blotched with the dust of the desert and he almost resembled the snakes of the desert, like the one he saw that first time he came here.

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As I list them here, I’m sure you’ll say “Well, that’s nothing new.” But for many of the people who were listening, it was like he was unrolling the Dead Sea scrolls and reading a secret that had been lost for thousands of years.

After Jesus ascended to his Father, his followers returned to jerusalem, retreated to the upstairs room, probably the same one where the Last Supper was held, and locked the door. They were afraid that if they attracted the notice of Jesus’ enemies, they would suffer a fate similar to his.

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The top quality of Jordan is landscape. Think landscape means prepare to comfortably enjoy it with ample sun screen, a good hat, sunglasses and great walking shoes. Last but not least, I would invest on bottled water throughout the visit!